Queerest Gear

An LGBT Run and Owned Company

Welcome to Queerest Gear! This is an LGBTQA+ accessory shop with all items designed, made, and/or branded by me, Jasper, a proud queer nerd. The current goal is complete inclusivity and representation for as many genders and sexualities as possible. I'm also adding more and more funny and nerdy options, such as the thot and gaymer shirts and D&D dice sets.

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, there may be delays in shipping. To keep myself and postal workers safe I will be having USPS pick up from my house, but they do not always pick items up the next day. I am following stay at home procedures and always wash my hands before packaging any orders to keep my customers safe as well. Please consider supporting a small gay and trans owned business as we hopefully prepare for a joyful pride season this summer.


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